Dear Students,

The University of California system has some great resources available on its graduate admissions websiteOpens in new window to assist students who are exploring the possibility of graduate school.

  • UC has unveiled a new graduate degree search toolOpens in new window which will allow you to search the 600+ graduate degree programs offered across UC’s ten campuses to find the programs that fit your area of interest – be it astrophysics, ethnic studies, visual arts, or anything in between. Try the online tool and browse the many program opportunities.
  • UC also has resources on their graduate admissions website, offering practical advice on preparing for and applying to graduate school. Check out the website for tips on everything from tips on writing an effective statement of purpose to resources for financing a graduate education. You can also take a look at some short videos featuring past and current UC graduate students.
  • Check out information and advice on participating in academic year and summer undergraduate research programsOpens in new window , including links to each UC’s campus resources for finding the right program.

I hope you take advantage of these resources offered by the University of California. Once you have done thorough online research, do not hesitate to contact individuals at the campuses. Personnel in the Graduate Divisions are a good place to start.

Be sure to also check out UC on FacebookOpens in new window , InstagramOpens in new window , TwitterOpens in new window , and TumblrOpens in new window .